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Testimonials from MPRA members

Love to read the website gives a lot of information. Elaine May

I greatly appreciate all the work the MPRA does for us pensioners. Trusting that they have my best interests at heart, I am at ease and do not mind paying to be a member. Stan Ashbee, Kamloops

Thanks for being there for us retired folks and taking good care of our money. Dianne Obal

The MPRA puts their membership first when it comes to advocating for us, keeping us informed, and providing us with answers when we have questions. Stacey Barnabe

I think the executive for District 38 has done a wonderful job during Covid, especially. Beatrice Marion

The new Website is very well laid out and very easy to find information quickly and easy to navigate! Well done! Bill Reid, Chair MPRA District 25 - TriCities.

New website is a vast improvement, thank you! Heather Clarke

Happy to be part of this retirees organization, who keep us informed and represents our interests well so far. Helena Nest

Feeling very fortunate and grateful for having the MPRA in my life with all that is happening in the world. Gordon Wilde

I have been a member of the MPRA and have attended all the local meetings in this district. Sorry that so many did not choose to do so as it would be of great benefit to have a stronger voice in these important pension decisions etc. Anonymous

I really appreciate knowing about any changes in our pension and how we can help effect that change. Carol A Patton

I really enjoy the MPRA meetings as they are well run and fun. I find the speakers enlightening, and the members welcoming and interesting. It is always worth the effort to go. (I drive down from Duncan to Esquimalt.) Dorothy Wellings

Your new website is very easy for me to understand. I was a little anxious about it, however, I mastered it. Paulette Wyenberg

Well done survey, easy to follow. Anonymous

Since I've retired the MPRA has been there to support fight and inform me of changes  that are happening. Also the rewards program is nice.  Michael Duffey

Will wonders never cease. What a great website! Keep up the good work. Anonymous

I have been a member of MPRA since retirement in 2012 and would recommend it to everyone who is retiring. We receive regular updates on our Pension plan, whats new, and what new benefits are being pursed by our Leadership. Mary Pat Wiley

I really like it! Easy and fun to read online! Anne Zurbriggen.

We are very pleased with the MPRA work done on our behalf and feel confident that we are able to call Victoria if we have any concerns or questions. The newsletters are read from start to finish. Nancy and Mike Mann, Campbell River.

Looking forward to many of the membership benefits once COVID-19 is less of a concern. Amarjit Minhas

I have been involved with MPRA since it was first formed thru my husband one of the founding members Wally Gollub. Thinking back to how it began and where it is today is something to behold. Many were involved along the way to now. Glenna Gollub

I really enjoy the new MPRA website as it is interactive, informative and feels welcoming to the user. For me it seems easy enough to navigate and doesn't appear as it will become stale in content as updates are regular. Robert (Wade) Pierlot

So grateful for all that MPRA does for all it's members, much love and happiness to all thank-you so much. Anonymous


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