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Municipal Pension Retirees' Association

Get your MPRA membership card online.

Follow these steps to get your MPRA Membership card online. You will also be able to update your contact information and view your next district meeting events.

MPRA APP for Android

The Wild Apricot app for members requires Android version 5.1 or later.

Downloading the member app

To download the Wild Apricot member app for Android, tap here. The App is called Wild Apricot as this is the system which the MPRA uses.



This app was designed for the iPhone but is compatible with the iPad and iPod touch and requires iOS version 10.0 or later.

Downloading the member app

To download the MPRA member app for iOS, tap here. The App is called Wild Apricot as this is the system which the MPRA uses.

What can your members do with the member app?

  • View upcoming events
  • View and update their member profile
  • View their membership card

Logging in

When you first open the member app, you will be asked whether they wish to receive notifications, like renewal reminders, from the app. (We suggest replying no to this request) Next, you will be asked to log in using the same email address that you used on your MPRA application form.

Navigating the member app

Depending on your settings, the MPRA member app can consist of the following modules: Events, My tickets, My profile. To jump between these modules, tap the module name at the bottom of the screen.

Viewing the events list

Unless you have disabled it within your mobile app settings, members can view an event calendar showing upcoming events by tapping Events list at the bottom of the screen.

Tapping any of the events within the list will display the details of that event.

Tapping on the location within the event details will display the location within your map app. To view the event description, tap the Info tab.

Viewing event tickets

Members can view their existing event registrations by tapping My tickets at the bottom of the screen. Registration is currently disabled, please register for events on the MPRA Website.

Viewing and updating your profile

Members can view and update their own member profile by tapping My profile at the bottom of the screen.

To update your member profile, a member taps the action button then taps the Edit profile option.

The action button menu also includes an option for you to log out of your MPRA account.

You can view your membership card by tapping My card option.


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